Mueller Concrete Construction Division

Tower Foundation Contractor

Mueller Concrete Construction Division
With over forty years in service to the construction industry, Mueller Concrete Construction Division is somewhat of a surprise to visitors to their NE Iowa office and shop facilities located in Postville, Iowa.  Far from the concrete company they started out as back in 1975, they now are a specialty contractor.  Mueller Concrete Construction Division is a communication, utility, and wind turbine foundation and civil site construction company working in Iowa and neighboring states.  

The company specializes in drilled pier, mat and pier, and guyed tower foundations, however our crews also provide construction services for many additional aspects of the overall projects as needed.

In addition to foundation work, many sites also require civil site work which may include utility line installation, shelter and equipment foundations, site fencing, access road installations, landscape work, and the transportation and setting of oversized/overweight shelters used in the various industries.

Another item which sets the Mueller crews apart from many construction crews in the area is the fact that they work year round.  Because the drilling equipment consists of excavator-mounted telescoping auger drills, we are capable of drilling up to twelve foot (12') diameter holes that can be as deep as sixty feet (60').  For winter construction, these drills are able to cut through frost and some layers of rock formations.  The excavator mounts provide a sturdy machine, able to maneuver into rough terrain and tight spots where truck mounted machines can't go.  Sometimes winter work provides the stability provided by a frost layer in order to access sites which may be too wet to maneuver during warm weather.